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Alfred Molina

We like Alfred Molina


He is good in lots of things, but I remember him from Chocolate right now

And then I listened to him read Leonardo da Vinci, the book by Walter Issacson
(like honey . . .)

I would have loved to see him on Broadway in Red
(we saw it at the Goodman in Chicago, without Molina)

And then PBS replayed Red on Great Performances

We like Alfred Molina

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Paris Catacombs
During 2004, police discovered a fully equipped movie theater in one of the caverns. It was equipped with a giant cinema screen, seats for the audience, projection equipment, film reels of recent thrillers and film noir classics, a fully stocked bar, and a complete restaurant with tables and chairs. The source of its electrical power and the identity of those responsible remain unknown.(wikipedia)

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